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Shonda DeShields is FEARLESS.

My name is Shonda DeShields and this is my MESSage. I wanted to share with you just how much the work you do impacts peoples lives. I recently had two brain surgeries and literally came face to face with my own mortality. Prior to the surgeries, i was out of work and home on bedrest. While home I decided to reframe the process and make the 2nd surgery (and most risky) fabulous! 

As a follower and supporter of yours, I purchased the FEARLESS. TShirt to wear. Although, I was not totally FEARLESS, I felt and looked fabulously and felt stronger! I am sharing this with you because I want to you to know just how much of an impact the work you do has on peoples lives! Your passion and ambitions, enabled me to literally and figuratively, gather the strength I needed to get through the scariest and toughest obstacle of my life, while being FLY!!  Thank you for what you do!

Please keep moving through obstacles (I know it's been rough) trusting and know God's got you! My surgeries have been successful and now I am home recuperating. I am not ready to share this with the world just yet but when I am, I will be sure to mention you and your work for sure.