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What's your MESSage Bry?

What's your MESSage Bry?

When creativity spews from your pores, others may view you as weird. There’s absolutely nothing weird about being Artsy AF. Remember the kids in the late 90’s who wore the really extremely big, wide-legged pants? Some even went as far as adding black lip stick and extra piercings. They were definitely deemed as “weirdos” as they embraced this gothic look and feel. Now looking back, to me those were the cool kids. They were the ones who dared to go against the grain and be different. This world is full of “normalized” behavior and looks which can be overwhelmingly boring. The beauty of creativity is being different, standing in it, embracing it and not giving two shits about what others think.

I just finally started embracing my Artsy AF side. I’m not the type to conceptualize this with tattoos or piercings through my nasal septum, but more the type to let it spew from my pours, through fashion. I view art as an expression of imagination with no limitation. We encourage you to not hold back your essence. It’s because of you that the world is a beautiful place. Sis, let your imagination flow. Like, Hello! Be artsy AF with no apology! This is Bry, a content creator and photographer, and this is her MESSage. She encourages you to explore your creativity, one weirdo at a time.


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