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What's your MESSage?

What's your MESSage?

Whoa. So we know it’s winter which means more hours of darkness and all but did you know Alaska goes through a period where there is complete darkness for 65 days? I can’t even begin to imagine how this must impact their mental health. I would imagine that they have a slew of techniques that they employ to prepare for this. When our melanin goes through the Vitamin-D deficient winters we too have to safeguard our minds from the dreaded Seasonal Depression (SAD).

Many of those closest to me find themselves in hibernation months when that snow hits the pavement and I empathize with them. There are no more excuses to hit the patios for mimosas on brunch, it’s too damn cold to do a girls night at a Trap and Paint but laughter, sunlight and socializing are medicine for the soul. Here are 3 tips to keep you Pharell level happy all winter long.

Schedule fun. No, it doesn’t sound super spontaneous or anything but after the third weekend of Netflix and chilling you’re on the brink of making it a habit. Your girls can use the quality time as well. Literally whip out your planner and plan at least one night of getting out of the house or even a game night but be intentional with it.

Fill yourself up. I podcast often while I work away to pass the time. Being a student of life is one of the ways to keep ourselves youthful. Okay, that part may be a bit of a stretch but it’s a guaranteed way to avoid complacency. Find a few feel-good podcasts, books or even travel vloggers to keep yourself entertained and in good spirits. Laughing with a stranger you’ve never met at a universally hilarious joke is surprisingly a really good mood-shifter. You may not be in the mood to hang with Keshia but you don’t have to tell your good sis from the internets that you’re ready for bed and she’s overstaying her welcome.

Buy a journal and label it gratitude. Gratitude is the key to remaining in a state of abundance. When depression takes over we can easily get thrown off from everything to the milk being done to someone breathing to closely. It’s hilarious to think about but not so funny when you’re seeing red and the fuse is about to blow. Pause. And decompress before bed. Focus on the good things, so that they can expand and ready your mind to sleep in peace and awake in happiness. Each night write all the things that happened to you that day that you’re grateful for. Meditate on the list for a bit. Rinse & repeat.


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