What's your MESSage?

MESS in a Bottle derives from the 310 BC concept of receiving a MESSage in the ocean. We are the 21st century form of communication.

An innovative apparel company with MESSages that gives a voice to the voiceless. The MESS mission is to evoke change, and create a community of unapologetically authentic humans. 


The root of her story stretches far beyond fashion and entrepreneurship, its premise focuses on empowerment and having the fortitude to forge ahead when you’ve given up hope.

Teen Vogue Magazine Deena Campbell

Maybe you’ve seen Serena Williams rock her “QUEEN” army fatigue jacket in Paris as she prepared for Wimbledon, Luvvie Ajayi soliciting support for her on Instagram or Lena Waithe on the 2017 BET Awards red carpet wearing a t-shirt.

Essence Magazine Jennifer Ogunsola

Skin-tight black leggings and a fishnet tee cling to her muscled frame, and over her broad shoulders she has slung an army camouflage jacket, graffitied in fuchsia pink with the legend 'Queen. Don't be afraid to rule like a king.'

Harpers Bazaar Richard Phibbs

MESS x Yvonne Orji