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FEATURE: THE UB POST - The University of Baltimore's official student newspaper

KALILAH WRIGHT IS MAKING A STATEMENT, ONE T-SHIRT AT A TIME November 3, 2017 · by Lawanda Johnson · in Around Campus. · By: Lawanda Johnson Web Content Manager Meet Baltimore-based entrepreneur Kalilah Wright, owner of Mess In A Bottle, a T-shirt company that serves as a way to visually give a voice to the voiceless through its thought-provoking graphic apparel. Wright has not only depicted black excellence at its finest, successfully working her way up in the entrepreneurial world, but she has also crafted an unorthodox movement, unapologetically utilizing her platform to promote expressive and powerful messages for any race, any age, and any gender. Wright is certainly a woman on the move, making the most noise even while moving in silence. Through...

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Feature: Favored Freauxs

Kalilah Wright: “Mess in a Bottle” In the times that we live in, merely working at a typical 9-5 just doesn’t cut it anymore.   More women are leaving their cookie-cutter lifestyles and branching out on the path to becoming an entrepreneur.  Some talk themselves out of their dreams because of the fear of failure, while others muster up enough faith and strength to push through their passion.  I decided to seek out and interview amazing, everyday women who have made it their duty to push the envelope of entrepreneurship despite the challenges. It would only be fitting to feature a few of these women creating history or should I say “her-story” here on the blog once a month....

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