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I've been learning to STFU

I've been learning to STFU

Good Morning MESSengers! It’s the beginning of June and believe it or not, I’ve been a bit quiet AF trying to figure out me. You probably didn’t realize but I didn’t send a Monday Morning MESSage for a whole month. I took the month of May to regroup and get my shit TOGETHER. This weekend I wrote a blog post on my employees quitting, my son doing terrible in school and me having to move ( This shit of drove even a sane man coo-coo. So I took some well needed R+R and I just shut the fuck up. I’m a talker and a sharer, but I’ve been learning to be quiet, observe and then react. May was my gathering point for my thoughts. I really needed the time to be quiet and I needed everything around me to be as still as possible so I could make better decisions (like hiring new staff). The noise made me even want to close the business and get rid of MESS (get it, lol, pun intended), for good... but I realized that I just needed to be quiet and let the ancestors guide me and speak to me spirit. I realized that the smarter you get, the less you speak. I also realized that everyone does not deserve a front row seat to my life either. I think that’s where growth comes in. I was stuck on “I can share what I want when I want, because it’s my life”. But after 35 years of talking and giving so much, I’ve become a bit reserved. People took advantage of all I gave them and used it negatively to say, “I told you so”. And though the fucks I give are minimal on the naysayers, I finally realized everyone doesn’t DESERVE this front row seat and position I gave to them. I’m learning to honor that uncomfortable feeling I feel when I’m giving too much of me and learning to speak less. Please note, I’m not telling you to be reserved at all, just telling you, do what feels good to your heart and move that way. The smarter you get, the less you speak. HAPPY JUNE MESSENGERS! Let’s show ‘em what we got this month!



Simple, yet profound! Why isn’t this on a shirt???

Cynthia Hernandez

Word of a wise tongue. You are learning.


Yes to listening to your own soul. And yes to doing what feels right to you.

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